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Management leadership certification

Ensuring the overall success of the organization, its leaders, and their people.

Develop your leadership skills

This unique certification program allows you as a leader-manager to experience relevant learning experiences


Each module is designed to better understand you as a leader-manager while recognizing the impact and influence you have on others.


Based on proven organizational dynamics concepts, this certification program accompanies you on all levels:

  • Succeed in your role as leader-manager

  • Ensure the success of your employees

  • Ensure the overall success of your organization

* The 2 spring training courses will be given in French. For English training, meet Micheline.

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Why choose our Leadership Certification Program?

2 formulas for more flexibility

  • Express Cohort:

    • One training session per week

    • A course of 4 months

    • A certificate by the end of 2024

  • Cohort

    • Two sessions per month

    • A course of 6 months

    • A certificate by spring 2025

An engaging and practical training

Our management leadership certification program is not just about delivering content or slides.

Participants keep saying that our sessions are

  • engaging,

  • interactive,

  • thought-provoking,

  • and above all, very useful and practical!

Leadership in an era of change

Even in a world of artificial intelligence, human intelligence remains an essential asset for leaders and managers. Our management leadership certification prepares you to navigate successfully in this era of change.

Practical tools for immediate action

Our management leadership certification program is based on an approach that goes beyond manuals. It offers a practical experience of management leadership.

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What will I learn?

Essential skills for effective leadership


Leadership and Management

  • My natural management style:

    • Delegate, motivate and lead

  • The coaching approach

    • Supervising employees to achieve success

  • Supervision and oversight

  • The impact of my leadership on my employees


Organizational Performance

  • The 6 components of organizational performance

    • Cultivating continuous improvement

  • Establishing an effective meeting system

  • Time and priority management

  • Energy generator: models of well-being


Organizational Health

  • My natural style of collaboration

  • Feedback and accountability

    • Addressing issues with ease and respect

  • Communicating to engage employees

  • Team cohesion

  • The 5 virtues of an ideal colleague


Change Management

  • Components of organizational clarity

    • Everyone on the same page to achieve goals

  • The 3 stages of change management

    • A leader's work

Unlock your potential and

foster organizational success

What does your employer expect from you regarding leadership?

What about your employees or colleagues? 

The management leadership certification program answers these questions.

The certificate in management leadership aims to help you

to meet high expectations

of these various stakeholders.

12 in-depth, practical, engaging sessions tailored to your reality.

The goal is to master the 5 areas of management leadership:

  • Bringing out the best in your employees

  • Bringing out the best in your organization

  • Bringing out the best in your team

  • Giving your best

  • Managing change with emotional intelligence: a leader's work 

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Transform your leadership approach and make a difference

When a leader-manager:

  • Recognizes their strengths

  • Feels engaged and equipped to overcome challenges

  • Has increased clarity about the expectations of other stakeholders


Their organization benefits by:

  • Focusing on both the human aspect and the fiduciary aspect

  • Improving its organizational performance

The main benefits of the Leadership Certification Program

Useful in the following situations:

  • When I want to improve my leadership and management skills

  • When I want tools to do a better job

  • When I want to increase my influence on others

  • When current approaches fail to deliver the expected results

  • When I want to adequately respond to leader-manager's expectations and responsibilities

  • When I wonder if a leadership-management position is right for me

At the end of the certification program, participants will be able to:

  • Distinguish between the complementary roles of leadership and management

  • Intentionally assume leadership and management responsibilities

  • Confirm their strengths in leadership and management roles

  • Implement an action plan, from a continuous professional development perspective

  • More effectively manage their priorities and all their stakeholders

  • Assume their leadership-management roles with more ease, confidence, and overall success

Management leadership is built on experiences and sharing.

Who can enroll in the Program?

Do you have a good background of experiences, skills, and knowledge in management and leadership?


Invest in a unique opportunity for dialogue, profound reflection, and continuous learning through a safe climate where all participants want to question themselves a little to learn and improve.


Our management leadership program connects leaders who share ambitions similar to yours.

Micheline Boisvert-Vachon, Formatrice, conférencière et consultante.

Meet your expert trainer : Micheline Boisvert-Vachon

Trainer, speaker, and consultant, Micheline Boisvert-Vachon has over 28 years of experience in education, including 20 as a school principal.


Since joining Discitus in 2016, she has been instrumental in the success of the training sector.

Learning with a seasoned professional changes everything.

Micheline is known for

  • her coaching approach,

  • expertise in

    • difficult conversations,

    • emotional intelligence,

    • team cohesion,

    • change management,

  • leadership,

  • and the human aspect in the professional context.

Micheline has collaborated on change management, human resources, group facilitation initiatives, and the development of high-impact training content

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